• High Efficiency Heating and Air conditioning Repair

Heating and Air Conditioning Installation

Every home has a different heating and cooling demand. The size of your home, location of your home, installation space/mechanical location, and your average usage are factors that determine your heating and air conditioning options. There is no single air conditioning solution that works for everyone or every home. We focus on your comfort needs and equipment expectations. By focusing on these factors, you can feel confident that your new heating and air conditioning system will be designed and installed correctly, providing you with years of worry-free comfort.

Heating and Air Conditioning Installation Services we offer

  • Central air conditioner and Furnace installation
  • High efficiency heating and air conditioning system installation
  • Condensing furnace installation
  • Multi stage and inverter driven system installation
  • Electric heating system installation
  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Ductless mini split system installation
  • Duct work installation
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)
  • Dehumidification systems
  • Humidification Systems
  • Thermostat installation
  • IAQ and more

When Is It Time To Replace?

The unfortunate fact is that any mechanical system, no matter how beautifully designed and manufactured, will need to be replaced at some point. Constant repairs, expired warranties, age and system unreliability are some factors to consider. Check out Energy Star’s Home Assessment Guide for system replacement to read up on what else to watch out for. When it’s time to replace your home’s heating and air conditioning system, let the experts at Airelogiq install a system that will provide years of worry-free comfort and improved indoor air quality.

AC Installation

Heating and Air Conditioning Installation

Heating and air conditioning equipment is always changing. Manufactures are constantly innovating their equipment to produce better comfort, better efficiencies and better functionality. Which is why it makes sense to have a company that keeps up with the ever changing technology. Our team of professionals are always ready and are certified to install the latest equipment. Count on Airelogiq to provide the best service possible.

Worry Free Installation

Better Comfort With Better Savings

Looking to spend less on your monthly utility bill? Upgrading your heating and cooling system to a high efficiency system can provide the savings you’re looking for. With increasing energy demand, it makes sense to have energy efficient heating and air conditioning. We have partnered up with industry leading innovators who have shown a proven record of building smart products that fit and work together beautifully, allowing you to build a customized energy efficient system with no worries.

At Aire Logiq, we believe in providing logical solutions for your heating, air conditioning  and energy needs. Whether you’re upgrading your current home’s cooling and heating system, or building your dream home, we can guide your through the process. We are committed on finding a solution to your needs by offering heating and air conditioning systems that not only create the perfect indoor weather, but also help you use less energy. Great heating and air conditioning solutions paired with ultra-efficient indoor comfort and great financing, now that’s a reason to call. You’re only one call away from cozy, Call us to schedule your system evaluation 979-571-9722

Aire Conditioning Seer Rating Savings.

Better Savings With Higher Seer Ratings

Installing a high efficiency air conditioning system, will provide exceptional savings. High Seer ratings translate to less energy usage.

Time For A Replacement?

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