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Air Conditioner and Heater Maintenance

Although studies have shown that scheduling regular maintenance can cut Heating and Air conditioning energy cost, while extending equipment life, improving comfort and increasing system uptime, – a growing number of People are choosing to skip scheduled maintenance. As much as half of your home’s energy is used for heating and cooling, which is why EnergyStar recommends regular maintenance to insure your air conditioning and heating system will run efficiently, saving you money on your utility bill.

The Department of Energy estimates that by simply maintaining regular service and changing your air conditioner’s filters regularly, you can reduce your homes energy consumption by up to 15%! Not to mention keeping repairs cost low. Regular Maintenance on your cooling and heating system is very important to ensure the system is operating properly, while also ensuring that your indoor air quality is not being jeopardized. Your air conditioning and heating system has dozens of parts, all of which work together to cool or heat the air in your home, If one of these parts fails, it can cause problems for the rest. Catching small problems early can prevent other issues from ever happening.

When you schedule a maintenance appointment , one of our highly trained professionals will thoroughly test your air conditioning and heating system, look for common maintenance issues such as dirty coils, old air filters, clogged drain lines, and mechanical wear. We will clean and wash dirty components that can become trouble in peak demand and remove debris and weeds near your A/C unit. If there is need for a repair that would increase the longevity of your A/C system, improve indoor air quality or prevent system down time , we will discuss our findings with you and provide ready to implement solutions should you choose to address the issues.


Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your heating and cooling system, restore system efficiency and help prevent mechanical failure. Our plans include expert cleaning and filters.

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Air Conditioning Repair

No one likes dealing with a hot home in the middle of the summer. With more than a dozen parts working together to cool your home, air conditioning systems will eventually need repairs. We are here to help. In many occasions a combination of things can go wrong with your air conditioning system, which is why calling a professional that is versed in all issues can be the deciding factor in getting your air conditioning system back online and cooling your home in no time.

Common A/C Issues

  • Air Conditioner will not turn on
  • Loud humming or noise coming from indoor/outdoor unit
  • Ice on air conditioning system
  • Warm air coming from vents
  • Water around unit or ceiling
  • Unit is cycling on and off
  • Low refrigerant charge
  • Lights flicker when the air conditioning comes on
  • Electrical smell when air conditioning unit comes on
  • Thermostat will not come on

A/C Solutions

Our professionals at Airlogiq will find and fix A/C issues in a timely manner. we are focused on providing you with fast repairs and the best customer experience possible which is why We are available 24/7. Call 979-571-9722 to Keep your home cool, worry free.

The unfortunate fact is that any mechanical system, no matter how beautifully designed and manufactured, will need to be replaced at some point. If an A/C repair is not cost effective, then it’s time for a replacement. When the cost of repairs exceeds 50% of the value of a new air conditioning system, or if parts are no longer readily available, then it makes more sense to replace the air conditioning system. For times like these, we offer quick and efficient air conditioning replacement services for your cooling system.


Our AC Repair Services

Local ac repair you can count on, with warranties to match.

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Heating Repair

We Rely on our gas furnace, heat pump or electric furnace to keep the cold weather out. Each heating system works differently and heating issues do not always present themselves as total system failures, often times performance issues can indicate that your heater is having issues providing the proper amount of heat to your home. When the temperature inside your home can’t seem to stay cozy, it’s time to call Airelogiq , With a team that is able to handle every type of heating system, you be confident that repairs are only a call away. Call 979-571-9722 or click here to schedule a checkup for your heating system.

Signs your heater needs repairs include the following:

  • Cold air coming from vents
  • Burning smell when electric heat comes on
  • Heater is running contently
  • Your heater is 10-15 years or older
  • Inadequate air flow
  • Sudden increase in your energy bills
  • Your heater shuts off before the house reaches set temperature
  • Your heater is making strange noises
  • Automatic shutdowns
  • Emergency heat is on

Heater Solutions

Aire LogiQ’s team of Local professional technicians are equipped to handle any issue relating to your heating system. If your heater is having issues, it is best to schedule a service call to address the issue before it gets worse. Best of all you can rest comfortably knowing that each repair will be done quickly and is backed by our fix it right guarantee.

Eventually there will be a time when your heater will need to be replaced. Whether it is a safety concern, failed heat exchangers, discontinued repair parts or it no longer performs at the level you need, we offer quick and efficient replacement services for your heating system.

Need Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service?

We offer expert heating and air conditioning repairs and service for residential and commercial clients. If your system is not keeping up with the weather, we can help. When your heating and air conditioning system goes out, call us for prompt and professional service 979-571-9722. Local technicians are available 24/7 to get your air fixed.

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Our Heat Repair Services

Local heating repairs you can count on, with warranties to match.

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